Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program serves over 500+ students every year by teaching English, while building Christ-like, loving relationships with people. We offer classes, fellowship, listening, devotions, testimonies, and prayer as key parts of every session.

There is a minimal annual activity fee due of $40.00 at registration. This covers the cost of class materials and books. For a detailed list of class books, please click the "Curriculum" button to the right.

When it is available, free bibles are provided in students' native languages including: Spanish, Farsi, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese and Tamil among others. 

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Our classes for Fall 2022 are already full, sorry.

You can enroll for Spring 2023

by sending your information now. And we will contact you in October to take the placement test and complete your registration. 

Classes are in person twice a week from 7-9 pm:


English All Levels and Citizenship 


English All Levels  

Simplified English Bible Study from 6-7 pm

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