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 ESL Class Curriculum 

Building Vocabulary - This book is used in Level 4. We introduce 300 essential words and word parts that are needed for general reading comprehension in high school and college. It presents each word in at least seven different contexts. Every encounter increases the chance that a word will become part of a student's permanent word bank. Abundant Practice.

Level 5 - 67 conversation topics that consist of a warm-up question, vocabulary challenge, idioms & phrases, 14 conversation questions, and 2-3 writing prompts. It's the ultimate book for speaking or conversation classes with teenagers or adults.




Level 5 - Guide to American culture and language English USA Every Day helps familiarize immigrants and ESL learners with American culture and language in a fun, lighthearted way. Readers will learn about  finding a job and locating an organic grocery store to facts about American culture and enjoying the night life. Each chapter includes new vocabulary and idioms that are common in the U.S.A.

Citizenship - This 12 weeks course will prepare you to take the citizenship test with USCIS. The classes are held on Saturday's and there is no childcare available.


We will cover all 4 parts (100 civic questions, reading, writing and speaking) and prepare you for the citizenship test.


Please note that we require that the student take at least Level 3 classes prior to enrolling in this course. There is an activity fee for this course.

Bible Study - All classes include 15-20 minutes Bible study. We use the Bible in our devotionals and Bible study classes. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He came for our salvation; also, we believe that the Bible is His living Word.

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