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When do the classes start?

2024 spring school semester starts on 01/29/2024 and goes until 05/23/2024. The Summer Break is in June and July.​ The second semester starts on 07/29/2024 and goes until 11/14/2024 with end of year celebration.

When can I register?

​​Go online and send your application, you should receive an email asking to come and take the placement test. 

What do I need to be accepted?

You will need some form of Identification (ID).

What are the office hours ?

Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. 

How much does each semester cost?

​Currently, the cost per each semester or Activity Fee is $50.00. Please know starting this Fall (2024) the cost will go up to $60.00. 


As of 01/29/2024, all students must wear a badge ID to get in and all access MUST BE through "Entrance B". In case of lost of badge, there will be a cost of $5.00 to issue a new one.

How long is one semester?

The average of one semester is 4 months.

Spring Semester - starts on last Monday of January and ends on third week of May

Fall Semester - starts on last week of July and ends on second week of November

How many students per classroom?

At most 20 students per classroom. 

How many levels are offered?

We offer Basic, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Citizenship and Simplified Bible Study (Citizenship and Simplified Bible Study are Free)

How many tests do the students take during one semester?

Two tests are given in one semester. After completion of unit 5 there will be the Midterm test and after unit 10 the follow Final Exam. The average of these two tests will determine if the student should move forward to the next level or repeat the same level based on his/her grade.


Can the student repeat the same level? 

Yes, if the student feels that he/she is not ready for the next level or simply want to reinforce what was learned on previous semester. There will be a $25.00 activity fee to retake the course. The student will be using the same books and we will provide the updated binder's insert for the next semester. If the students decide to have new books then it is a regular fee of $50.00.

Starting Fall 2024, the cost is $60.00 to go to the next level and $30.00 to repeat using the same books. 

Can I enroll online and pay in person?

​Yes. You can.

What does the activity fee cover?

  • The purpose of “Activity Fee” is to cover the expenses for one semester  

  • Materials for the classroom

  • Paper goods

  • No cash refunds

  • Students can move to another level (higher or lower) ONLY within one week after registration. The books can be exchanged ONLY  if nothing was written on it and no signs of wear and tear. 

Do you offer child care?

​We are no longer offering child care. The students cannot bring their kids to the classroom. 

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