When do the classes start?

Spring semester starts on the first  Monday of February and ends on last week of May (Memorial Day weekend).

The second semester starts on first Monday of August  and ends on third Thursday odf November with graduation.

When can I register?

​​For the first semester, you can enroll in January (Mondays and Thursdays); and, for the second semester, you can register in July (Third and Fourth Monday and Thursday).

Can I still register if I miss the first enrollment date?

​Yes. You still can register.

What do I need to register?

​To register, you will need some form of Identification (ID).

What are the hours to register for the classes?

You should register before the classes start. Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. If, you missed the main enrollment date, please send an email directly to eslclassesinplano@gmail.com.

How much does the course cost?
​There is an annual Activity Fee of $40.00. 
What are the payment method(s) that I can use?
  • Cash (ONLY) - $40.00 - in person
Can I enroll online and pay in person?
​Yes. You can. Please keep in mind that in person we will take cash or check only, we are not accepting card at this moment. 


What does the activity fee cover?
  • The purpose of “Activity Fee” is to cover expenses for school supplies from February to November. 

  • Text book

  • Materials for the classroom

  • Paper goods

  • Tea and coffee

  • No cash refunds, you may exchange your book within one week for another level

  • Students can move to another level (up or down) within one week after registration. Teacher’s transfer request is required, for more information please come to the registration desk.

  • If the student transferred from one level to another within one week after registration, the book can be exchanged  ONLY  if nothing was written on it, the CD package is still sealed and no signs of wear and tear. 

Do you offer child care?

We do offer child care for the evening classes ONLY for kids 5 years old and up (school age kids).